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This web page is in place temporarily while our new enhanced web site is under development. The new site will add features for customers that include control over email addresses and passwords plus secure access to billing information for each account.

Current Services - CIS Internet Services provides dialup, dedicated T1, DSL and Wireless Broadband Internet access for both residential and commercial use in eastern Iowa and western Illinois. We also offer domain hosting service. Cities with local dialup numbers include Bellevue, Clinton, Fort Madison, Low Moor, Maquoketa and West Point in Iowa along with Albany, Fulton and Savanna in Illinois. Free live technical support is included with all CIS services.  All CIS email accounts include anti-virus scanning and free challenge/response spam filtering is available. 

New Services - High speed Internet access using DSL is available now in Bettendorf, Burlington, Clinton, Dubuque, Fort Madison, Keokuk and Maquoketa and will expand soon to other cities where local telephone systems are equipped. Wireless Broadband is also available now in Clinton and Sabula in Iowa and Albany, Erie, Fulton and Savanna in Illinois. Wireless Broadband availability is dependent on line of sight between your location and one of our access points. 

DSL - Digital Subscriber Line 

CIS Internet Services has Residential and Business DSL available RIGHT NOW in Bettendorf, Burlington, Clinton, Davenport, Dubuque, Fort Madison, Keokuk and Maquoketa, Iowa.. CIS DSL is an always on, always connected, high speed Internet connection that works with your existing phone line and is only $14.95* a month for residential or $19.95* for business. Residential speeds available up to 1-point-5 megabits per second and business speeds up to 7 megabits per second! Order by 7/30/04 and get FREE activation, a $99 savings! For information or to order, email sales@cis.net or call 563-242-0529.

Wireless Broadband

Wireless Broadband from CIS Internet Services is your rural solution for broadband Internet reaching where DSL and cable service does not.  Wireless Broadband can be transmitted to you up to 20 miles from one of our access points using high speed wireless networking technology.  Packages start at $34.95** a month for residential and 44.95** a month for business. For information or to order, email sales@cis.net or call 563-242-0529.

V.90 Digital Dialup

Dialup Internet access using a modem and a phone line remains the most economical way to enjoy the information super highway. Our accounts provide untimed attended usage for web browsing or instant messages and multiple email addresses with no message limits. Residential dialup is as low at $19.95*** a month and business dialup as low as $25.00*** a month. For information or to order, email sales@cis.net or call 563-242-0529.

Domain Hosting

Let CIS Secured Hosting put your domain name (you@yourcompany.com and http://yourcompany.com) on the Internet. Web sites are Microsoft Front Page publishable and include statistic reports showing details about access to each page of your web site. Create dynamic pages with ASP server side scripts and available Access Database support. For information or to order, email sales@cis.net or call 563-242-0529.

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 Contact CIS

Abuse Reports  abuse@cis.net
Billing Dept.  custcare@cis.net
Sales Dept.  sales@cis.net
Support Dept.  support@cis.net
Clinton Phone   (563) 242-0529
Low Moor Phone   (563) 522-2883
Toll Free Sales   (800) 786-4454  from Iowa

 Dialup Access Numbers

 Albany, IL    (309) 887-9176
 Bellevue, IA    (563) 872-3500
 Clinton, IA    (563) 242-6588
 Ft. Madison, IA    (319) 372-0396
 Fulton, IL    (815) 589-3900
 Low Moor, IA    (563) 522-2524
 Low Moor, IA    (563) 522-2864
 Low Moor, IA    (563) 522-2884
 Maquoketa, IA    (563) 652-0444
 Savanna, IL    (815) 273-7788  33.6k
 West Point, IA    (319) 837-6900

 Wireless Access Points

 Albany, IL 


 Bellevue, IA 


 Camanche, IA 


 Clinton, IA 

 KROS Radio Tower

 DeWitt, IA 


 Erie, IL 


Fulton, IL 


 Maquoketa, IA 


 Savanna, IL 


Range from access point is up to 20 miles 
with line of sight.

   * Requires DSL phone line service and DSL modem which can be purchased or rented.

    ** Requires digital transceiver and antenna which can be either purchased or rented.

   ***  Requires wired telephone service. Discounted price listed is for 6-month prepayment.


CIS Internet Services accepts payments by check, money
order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express.