What Is The Vert Shock Program?

Hi guys, if you hear about Vert shock program that is made by Adam Folker and Justin, and you try to understand what the program actually is, then in the review below; or you can see inVert shop, we will try to focus on a most important aspect of the program, and explained to you in simple ways what will find in the program, and more importantly, we will try to discuss the pros and cons regarding the vertical jumping program, so, you will be able to understand much better about the program before you make a decision. Let’s start with a simple overview.

What is actually the Vert shock program? This program is made by a professional basketball player from Canada; he is Adam Folker and his friend an award-winning of slam dunker, Justin Darlington. This program is a step-by-step system designed specifically to help someone or the athletic and non-athletic to add about 9-15 inches in the vertical jump and on the average they only take about 8 weeks of intensive training and of course by professional guide and instructors.

In general, there are three main stages of the program and has the main purpose of each of them. The first is pre stage of shock. This step usually takes about a week. Basically in this phase is to prepare your body before proceeding to the next phase. In this phase you will feel the results; you will leap increased by about 3 to 5 inches to jump vertically.

Then, the second stage takes about 6 weeks; this stage is called the stage of shock. This is the essence of the program. In this phase you will surprised the nervous system to help you jump higher than usual. Then the next stages are the shock stage post. In this step takes about one week, in this phase will help you permanently in the record of all that you have learned in the last phase of the Vert shock program. In addition, you can get the program by learn theVert shock pre shock phase pdf.